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All persons wishing to belay must pass a belay test at Gym of Rock.  

Belay TESTING for those who are already trained in belaying is available when gym is running at low capacity, and trained staff are available to test.  If you wish to be belay tested please make sure to have someone to belay come with you.  (5-7min)

Belay LESSON for those who have never belayed before and those who need a refresher can be booked based on instructor availability.  The course is 1.5 hours and is $30+tax per person.  Belay courses must be booked for 2 students a time. At the end of the course students may be ready to test.  The belay test is no cost.  If the instructor feels you need more practice a second session can be booked.  We do not guarantee that all students will test after just one lesson.


Those who are not Belay certified are able to use the Auto Belays. 

Children under the age of 14 are not eligible to take the Belay certification

Children over the age of 14 must have parental consent to take the Belay Certification

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