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Meet our Route Setters



What’s your favorite style of hold?

Let’s be honest here, a really positive jug is pretty nice. 


What makes a good route? 

I think going with the flow is key. Allowing the route to come together organically, while considering different moves is an important aspect when setting. Also, the feedback and advice from other setters is really invaluable, I am grateful to be working with such a supportive and fun team!


What’s your favorite movie?

I’m going to keep this climbing related and say the documentary, The Dawn Wall. If you haven’t seen it you must (ps. it’s on Netflix)!


What’s your favorite food?

First off, I love food, so there is no way to narrow it down to a single dish. I enjoy trying new things, either out at a restaurant, or in the kitchen at home. I fell in love with cooking as a child, and three years ago went vegan which sparked my interest in cooking even more. I am passionate about challenging the idea that vegan food is gross or boring, by making food that deliciously surprises people and gets them to look at vegan food in a new and yummy way… Did I mention that I love food?


When I’m not climbing I’m…

Building a tiny house on wheels with my fiancé, Hollywood. That honestly takes up most of my time, but with any extra I enjoy cooking and creating fun vegan foods, working on my paintings and jewelry, and staying active playing soccer!




What's your favorite style of hold? 

I prefer large pinch holds 


What makes a good route?

I believe there are many aspects that make up a good route but to keep it simple the route should have some type of flow.  A good route also needs to be fun but it can also be challenging at the same time.  I like a starting position that challenges either flexibility or mobility paired with some fancy footwork.  Toss a big move in the middle and end with a finesse finish and BOOM you've got a classic Hollywood route!  


What's your favorite movie?

I don't think I could narrow it down to one movie but I enjoy educating myself while watching so a good planetary/animal documentary or a progressive stand up comedy on Netflix


What's your favorite food?

Well I've been Vegan for roughly 3 years so anything vegan that Desiree "Old School" cooks.  I frequently crave quick food truck style foods like burgers and fries (Vegan of course)


When I'm not climbing I'm...

Building our tiny house on wheels.  A project that has consumed us for 2 years now and we are finally nearing completion.  I also play soccer, hike, and eat food cooked by Desiree.

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